Friday, November 18, 2011

Doug Has a Blog!

Doug has a blog now. I made it for him. He's really stoked about it. You can tell, in his face. Ha! ;) But for real, it will be a documentation of his incredible photography and opening the studio (which will actually be open to the public on the 2nd of January, 2012. Not December. I was being insane when I said December.) Also, do you like that in the screen capture, I am his first follower. Eep. Biggest fan. So, if you want to be in the loop, check it out. It's still kind of under construction.

Also, the amazing design that you see on his button and on the sidebar of the blog was designed by the incredible Amy Morby who I could rant and rave about all day and all night, but you should just pop on over to her blog or shop and say hello. {There really is just something about girls who drive a van.}

Back to the grind, ya'll.


  1. Womp Womp Womp. You'll always be #1. Right after Doug, who is #0. ;)

  2. You are the besssssst. Thank you for the sweet shout out. Best of luck to him with the blog and studio. I'm stoked to see what more you crazy kids have in store!