Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Littles + A Big Surprise

Oh hi there, pals. We have been busy busy today working on glasses, and trying to get all caught up before the expected Holiday mad rush. We are crossing our fingers and toes, hoping for a good holiday season. To add to the incredible holiday cheer, we are now making kids sunglasses!!!!!!!!!!! Was that too excited? I'm really excited.

Not only do we now have, what I will be calling the ORIGINAL kids wooden veneered sunglasses (and probably the only shop in all of existence to make kids wood me I googled for hours looking) and that makes me really really happy! I love being able to offer something that doesn't exist, and I hope that people love them as much as we have loved making them! I am so thankful that somebody ordered a pair and gave us the kick in the pants that we needed to make them!
We are also offering sets for mamas and papas plus the little one of your choice. Although we haven't made or listed any other styles yet, we will be working hard at making lots of styles to choose from. And of course, any style in the shop can be made in little version. We're working on cateye's, but those have proven more challenging.
So, that's one half of the super exciting news we have to share. Today, for some reason, seemed to be full of little frustrations. Of course, I worry a lot. "Duh," says the captain obvious at the back of the room.

BUT, at the end of the day, despite modern inconveniences of people not taking trade, barter or an IOU for rent/bills; despite us getting to the end of the available seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix and it ending with an incredible cliffhanger; despite forgetting to eat after french toast breakfast and binging on an entire bag of salt and vinegar chips for dinner...I will always have this face to smooch at my convenience.
Good news is, after the second of December, you too can have incredible photos of your pooch in our NEW in-store professional photography studio, which we will be making public next month!! Oh my god, did I just let the cat out of the bag. There will be a lot more on this as the weeks progress, but we are totally renovating the shop, adding A LOT of new inventory (handmade product and art) so we are super hyped! More art shows, more music events, more of everything. I really am throwing myself into this and owning it. In two short months, my expectations and involvement in this shop have shifted and I really do want to make it everything it has the potential to be.

At first I just wanted to fill ti up, with anything and everything, but what is more important is a curated collection, thoughfulness and making it reflect me. I love junk stores, but when it comes down to it, I want something unique, original and a place where our fellow makers can call their own. I guess, just follow along to see what happens.

Getting back to work. We still have another 5 or 6 hours left of work for tonight...gaaaah!



  1. genius! love that you made them for lil tots!

  2. oh man, that pup photo is great! too cute!

  3. I love it all tremendously. If only I could take Royal and Pagoda to your studio. Congrats on everything, champ!

  4. beca, this is amazing! kids sunglasses, the photo studio... you're right on your way world domination! i love it all!

  5. these glasses are honestly AMAZZZZING!!!!

  6. Okay I know this might make me a horrible person, but these adorable sunglasses sets are totally going under the "Pro" column of my "Should I have a baby?" list. I want a kid, just so I can wear these with them. SO awesome!!!

  7. thank you all! and carmen, I will not be responsible for all the pregnancies that happen because of these glasses!!!!!!!!! ;)

  8. oh that little face! if i lived nearby i would bring my little buddies in for a portrait!