Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Day in my Four Legged Life // Vol. 1

I am so super stoked to introduce a new feature on this little blog space of mine. As you know, my pets are a huge part of my life, and I always think their simple, adorable lives are often times too much to handle; all of the sneaky little things they do when they think you're not watching, or when you really aren't watching...I asked some of my sweet dog/cat-mom friends to let their pets do the talking, and share their sweet daily activities with all of us! I have totally enjoyed getting to know all of these furry kiddos, and I know you will too. The first post is from the pets of my pal Sandra. I am also really excited that we are going to be carrying Sandra's amazing line of handmade gifts and accessories in our shop soon!! More on that later, but first, these little guys!
a day in the life of the Kafka pets.
Most days here at home are pretty boring. With us living in a smaller home with carpet nonetheless, we sit around and don't really do much. Most days mom is at work and while she is gone dad is sleeping for his night shift. So we just lay around.
Dex(ter)- I usually like to hang out by the big window and look out at the birds and people walking by below us. Now that the weather is cold, I have been staying in the bedroom with dad. I do like to lay in the window above the bed in the afternoons when the sun comes shining in to keep me warm. Or my favorite spot is to lay on a warm belly/chest. I prefer to lay on mom's but have been favoring dad lately. Just because I am the smallest doesn't mean I don't hold my own. I show my siblings that I am the alfa, I do eat first after all.
Penny Lane- I don't care what anyone tells me, I rule this house. Everyone does what I say. I always get what I want, unless dad is at work. Mom is way strict with me and always makes me get off the counters, when I just want to explore what is going on. OKay so maybe I am a little snoopy and create mischief , I am a girl I want to see what is in all bags and what is this pen doing sitting up here, it should be on the floor and every box is my new playground. Since I am the little girl and a major princess I push my brothers around.I love to sleep in the window above the bed and I look good there. I get pedicures every few weeks and I pretend to not like it, but really who wouldn't want pink sparkle nails?
Leo- Well dudes, most days I just hang with my mom. I love sitting next to her and getting all her attention. Since I am the "baby" in age anyway of the cats I get picked on a lot. I may be big in size, but they know I dont have any claws (my old owners took them out) they pick on me, especially Penny. I do love to start little brawls with Dex though. I just want my bro to play with me. If I am not sitting next to mom, I am just lounging on my little bed by the balcony sleeping away or waiting for the food to drop, I am a big boy I am always hungry.
Scout- I have so much energy I feel like I can go forever playing. I love to chase Penny around the house and give her little nibbles. I only wear the best of scarves that mom finds for me. I get vintage, how many dogs do you know that wear vintage? I do love to cuddle with my dad. Even though I am a momma's girl and will not let her get up without me following her around, I prefer to sleep with my dad. He is my playmate and snuggle buddy. I love going on walks with mom and dad. Everyday we walk daddy to work and I love all the new smells of Fall and looking for squirrels. One day I will get up that tree and catch one. I love going for bike rides too, my dad will ride with me on the side of him and I get to run really fast.And when I can get my feet in the water I am happiest, I love going to the river camping. I am kinda spoiled you can say.

Thanks so much for sharing, Kafkas! What a sweet bunch! If you have a pet who wants to share their day to day, email us at{at}gmail{dot}com!



  1. Oh. MY. GOD! This is one of the best blog series' EVER!!! I seriously mean that. I LOVE this!!! <3333 Thank you for showing off little fur children!

  2. i agree with angie, totally adorable!! I'd love to see more of this :)

  3. This is a superb idea! As a fellow lover of those with four legs I am so excited to see future A Day In My Four Legged Life posts!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. Are you even kidding me. NEATEST feature EVER. Oh my gosh, I have to e-mail you with my kitties. (We have four, lol...) But they are all so different and have such big personalities. Oooh!!

  5. what a cute bunch! i love this feature already!

  6. Wow,this is such a cute feature! I love it! :)

  7. Those NAP pillows are amazing. This is such adorable feature! So sweet. :)