Thursday, October 27, 2011

World Famous Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies and Dog Costumes

Okay, so it's that time of the year. Pumpkin everything and stupid dog costumes. I'm pretty stoked though. Because I love pumpkin everything, and I love dressing my dogs up. They obviously love it too.
I don't really use a recipe for my pumpkin cookies. Sorry. They always seem to come out though, so maybe I should write down what I do next time....
pumpkin cookie
Tricks of the trade, learned from my Grandma. Don't blend the butter completely, because during the baking process it will melt and make your cookies extra perfect. Also, less baking soda, more baking powder. It makes the cookies more "cake-y" and that's the way Doug likes them. And that's kind of all that matters to me when I'm baking.

So, last year, I bought this moose head costume for Ollie. he hates it, with a passion, and if I put it on him, he will tear it to shreds, so I put it on Charlie and it's pretty hilarious. Doesn't he look pathetic?
charlie the moose
And Ollie, the hipster, wearing Knockarounds and a scarf. That's my boy. He also hated wearing sunglasses until I held a piece of cheese up so he would sit still. It only kind of worked....
ollie the hipster
too cool for school

What the heck is going on with you? Happy Thursday!


Also, if you want to read the complete story on how we started our business, head over to My Girl Thursday's Blog and check it out!


  1. beca, could we still be friends if i told you i had to skip the part about the cookies because i can't stomach chocolate? BUT i did read what you said about baking soda vs. powder, and i actually almost texted you the other night to ask about what the difference was when i was making donuts! they ended up being pretty cakey.

    also, ollie!!! i love your hipster dog! he's so cute in those sunglasses i just want to bear hug him!

  2. haha, I know you hate chocolate! I'm not a big fan too, which you know....but Doug is obsessed!
    baking soda is for fast rise, quick fall like choc chip cookies, baking powder is slow rise and less fall like cake. in simple terms.

  3. Beca! I love your simple terms, that helped me so much just now. Just in time for holiday baking...woop. I need to go stock up on some pumpkin puree though. I have real ones at home for a meal but for baking I use the canned crap.
    Also, your dogs are super rad.
    Also, are you over being sick yet so we can play?

  4. Those cookies look so good.
    That last picture of your dog is awesome, my dog won't sit still for anything!

  5. I use the canned pumpkin for baking also. It's better because it isn't so watery. my opinion.
    I am still a little sick....getting over it though....soon?

    Thanks Angel.

  6. those pictures of the pups are adorable. and i want a cookie, NOW!