Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Peach Puff // Recipe

This is definitely my new favorite thing in the whole world to eat. I'm not joking. When I think about fall, of course, I think pumpkin and spice and all that, but really, I think about peaches. Probably because it seems like I shouldn't be eating them in the fall, so they're taboo, but alas, I love them.
This is probably also the easiest recipe in the whole world. All you need are puff pastry sheets, canned peaches (or fresh if you feel not-lazy, but then you will need to cook them off with sugar and corn starch, so they are like pie filling.) and I put tons and tons of ginger in them, because I love peaches and ginger. You can skip that step also, if you want.

When I worked in Tucson, I used to make peach and ginger cobbler and a man named Dudley would come into the cafe often looking for the peach ginger cobblers. He loved them, almost as much as me.

I cut my pastry sheets into 5x5 squares, brushed them with egg wash, and spooned the peach/ginger mix into the center. Then fold them like a present, seal the edges with egg wash, flip them, egg wash the tops. I topped mine with granulated sugar AND crystallized sugar.

Bake for about 25 minutes, or until your puffs are browned and round. If you sprinkle powdered sugar on them while they are still warm, they sugar will melt a little and taste extra good.
I loved that the tops of some of them cracked and you can see the peach inside. I love imperfect pastries. Like, a lot.
So, that's my new favorite treat. I ate one for breakfast this morning, and will probably have another after lunch. That's how much I love them! If you try these out, link back up to me, I would love to see how much you love them too!


  1. looks so delicious! might just have to try it out this weekend...

  2. oh. my. gosh. i LOVE peaches! i make this type of peach dessert all the time in the summer because the branches of the peach tree almost break off from the weight of the fruit, but now i'm going to add this to my list of things to make!

  3. that looks amazing. i'm going to buy the ingredients tomorrow. can't wait to try it!

  4. I love peaches!! I made a easy peach cobbler with some my grandpa got from the farmer's market and it was so good but sadly small because it was last minute and we had already eaten most of the peaches lol. Definitely going to try this out and do a few with apple filling since our towns apple festival is coming up!


  5. Will definitely be trying this! I love love ginger AND I love peaches. Perfect:)

  6. Amber! Apple festival! I'm so jealous! Tell me how they are with apple. I would throw in a handful of cranberries and walnut too, with some cinnamon. ohmygosh!

  7. AH I'm going to dream about these tonight.