Monday, September 19, 2011

Absolutely, Positively

I may or may not have done the following things today:

1 // drove to the grocery store at 8am, while Doug was still sleeping to get toaster waffles and Jimmy Dean sausage for breakfast. I also bought Oreos and Ramen.

2 // had a fender bender in the parking lot of trader joe's with an old man driving a fancy oldsmobile type car. He shrugged his shoulders and said no damage done, don't lose sleep over it, shook my hand and drove away.

3 // bought more melmac wicker cups that I don't need at the swap meet just because Doug loves them so much. (I'll have to share my collection one of these days, it's just stupid..)

4 // made ramen for dinner, at 10pm, because really, why not. At least I put a ton of broccoli in it.

5 // used one year old Christmas candy I found in our stockings for product photography. Yes, we are getting ready for Christmas, why aren't you? By the way, I bought my dad his Christmas present today on etsy. I also made a vow to only buy handmade this year for the holidays. I think it's totally feasible, and I invite you to do the same!!! More on that later!
Did I mention we have a new style of super rad sunglasses in the shop now?
Just in time for fall! Yes, oh yes we do! One of the reasons why I love these sunglasses so much is that they use all the extra pieces of veneer that I have been hiding away. Not scraps, just beautiful strips that were to small to use. Now they have a purpose, and don't have to get thrown away. {Like we throw anything away...} I like to think of these as the big sister to the Pee Wees, which we are still making, by the way!
So that's that. Our day was eventful, although I'm not going to lie, I would kind of like a day off soon. Maybe after the Adams Avenue Street Fair next weekend. Definitely, after that. We need one entire day off. I'm sure you understand. :)

Have a great week! We have some awesome things happening and I'll keep ya'll in the know! Thanks for all the support and love!



  1. Oh my goodness, I wish those sunglasses were on my face right now!!! I love them!!! They look so elegant. <3

    Also, ramen is delish. We keep a huge stock of ramen in our kitchen and Jen will often turn one simple package in stir-fry, chow mein, or some other amazing Asian food dish. She's a Mistress in the kitchen, I tell ya.

    Also: I'm jealous you have a Trader Joe's! And I'm so happy the old guy in the fancy car was nice. Some people can be so rude, it's amazing when you get a pleasant, lovely soul.

  2. These sunglasses may or may not rock my world.

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings, and Other Things

  3. I wanna buy all handmade too! I agree definitely doable! so glad your fender bender wasn't bad!

  4. Those are so pretty! I think they may even be my favorites you've made so far!

    Hope you have a nice week!

  5. I love these sunglasses Beca! They're gorgeous.
    You've inspired me to only buy handmade too for Christmas. Good thinking. It's way more thoughtful and with the inventory of items on etsy, there's no losing (wow, did I just sound like a commercial then?).
    Lastly, I eat Ramen at 10 pm all the time with tons of Siracha sauce. I'm gonna toss in a little broccoli next time too:)

  6. I've been buying handmade for most of my gifts, though not ALL, I admit.

    I adore those sunglasses, they are so beautiful!!