Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Viva Pops

One of the great things about my neighborhood, I mean, one of many great things, are all the local businesses! I can walk three blocks in any direction and find a new little nook or cranny that is local, independently owned and really, just rad! I would love to share them all with you, but today, I want you to go on a little trip with me to Viva Pops.
Viva Pops is a Popsicle shop. Seriously. I kid you not. And it is genius. Everything on the menu, which you are going to have to go in and take a peek at, is unique and incredible. And $2.50 each. A steal, because you are getting locally made treats using organic and natural ingredients. And a lifesaver for some hot days we've been having.
I haven't been disappointed in anything that I've gotten, and the menu is constantly changing. There is vegan Popsicles for the milk-intolerant like me, and then cream based ones for my boyfriend and neighbors.
My favorite is the Lavender Lemonade. It changed my whole life. I love Lavender anything, and especially with something Tart like lemons. And thankfully, they give you a little travel pack so when I am biking home in the summer, they make it there in one piece and still cold!
I brought some Popsicles to my friends who are at home with their new baby, and even got to bring their little pup a Pup-sicle. The best part about the Pup-sicle is that they don't charge for it, you just leave a donation for a shelter dog and you get to bring home your little guy an apple/carrot Popsicle. I'll have to get some for my boys next time.
Next time you're on Adams Avenue, stop in and get a pop! I promise you won't regret it! And you can click on the links below to check them out online.
What's your favorite kind of Popsicle?



  1. what an awesome idea for a shop! we have nothing but commercial places around us, kinda stinks :( hope you're having a happy thursday!

  2. One of the things I love most about San Diego is that it's so very dog friendly. Pup-sicles! Love.

  3. I'm pretty much obsessed with popsicles and have been dreaming of having my own pop shop! How awesome is it that you have one in your neighborhood!

  4. oooo i'm definitely going to have to try this place, i cannot believe i haven't heard of it!

  5. Aww, love that they have ones for the pups!! And the fact that they're by donation to a good cause is even cooler. I like popsicles made from real fruit/real juice. I used to love making them with coke when I was younger though :) Oh, and creamsicles. The ones made with real fruit & juice and a yogurt center are good (dairy, sorry).