Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog

Today my blog is one year old! I have to admit, when I started blogging, I had no idea what I was doing. I had had a few blogs here and there, but nothing that I actually intended on sticking with, so they always just fizzled out until I deleted them. But this little guy, he made it one whole year, I have posted 486 times, have had 23,367 page views and have 273 followers. That seems so crazy to me, but I love it. I love blogging so for so many reasons. It lets me connect with people who I never would have talked to otherwise, it gives me a place to share my business and life news, gives me a reason to write and take photos and express myself in so many different ways.
It's also really exciting that I've followed through with something, err, anything. I can be such a space case and have so much going on that it's a miracle this blog made it through. Woohoo! But it's funny to see how I have grown and changed over the past year.

Remember when my blog looked like this:
And remember when my hair looked like this:
It's been so rad to go back and see where I was at a year ago, still living in Tucson, planning to move somewhere I had never even been to as an adult (or even a teenager!) working as a moccasin maker and not really seeing where anything would be going. I think though, I have always stayed true to my blog. My voice hasn't changed much, although I try to be more positive lately. The things I write about are pretty much the same; life, work, things I like, people in my life, and our growing business. And puppies. Lots of puppies!
It been a good year, with lots of changes! Everyday I feel lucky to be here, be alive! I look forward to blogging, and I wish I had more time to read more blogs. Soon, I hope! Thanks for going on this journey with me and I hope we have lots of more years to come!!



  1. Yay, puppies! Happy birthday and congrats! :)

  2. happy blog birthday! i'm so glad we found each other through blogging, you and yours (your blog but doug too.. and the puppies!) have been a constant inspiration. .... wait does this mean it's your birthday too?!

  3. D, my birthday is next week.

  4. Happy, happy blog birthday!!! That's so exciting.

  5. HAPPY BLOGGY BIRTHDAY!!! A full year, how awesome. :D Lariat and Lavender is my longest run blog so far! YAY!

    I love seeing how your design has changed, that's always so fun. ^_^

    Hope you have another year of fun, fabulous, you filled blogging!!!

  6. I am ever so proud of you and glad to know you as you have grown so much since we first met years ago. I miss seeing your face in person, but love seeing it on your blog too.

  7. Happy birthday! I love your blog, I always check in. Crazy cat ladies are over represented, I need to hear from another crazy dog lady like me. I also really admire you for following what you want to do.
    Happy blog birthday and many more!

  8. yay, happy birthday little blog! hope you have a fabulous birthday weekend, can't wait to see where your blog is headed in the year to come :]

  9. Happy happy blog birthday! I adore your blog. It's so nice getting to know you and drooling over amazing things you've made and cute puppy photos :)

    And happy early birthday!