Monday, July 25, 2011

Summertime Snack

One of my favorite summertime snacks is homemade guacamole and tortilla chips. This afternoon I took a quick break from working, and made some guacamole and fried up some whole wheat tortilla chips. It was the perfect afternoon snack.
I even got to use tomatoes from my garden. They were SO good!

What's your favorite afternoon snack for summertime?


PS, Congratulations Calli, you received 32 votes, plus your initial few votes, you are the winner of our design contest. We'll get started working on your sunglasses and post them on the blog in the next week or so! Email me your info! Thanks for entering Kristi! All of your designs were incredible and we loved seeing them!


  1. OM NOM NOM!!!

    My favorite is an Otter Pop, bell peppers with ranch veggie dip or a cucumber sliced with salt and peppah. YUM!!!

  2. yum yum yum! you cut the avocado pit all the way through the middle?!?!

  3. yum! i love guacomole! my fiance hates it, so whenever i make it i always end up totally stuffed because i attempt to eat all of it :)

  4. Ainsley, haha, not normally, no. But these ones were so tiny, that the knife just sliced right through them.

  5. Um, I could not agree more. Nothing beats fresh guac.

  6. That avocado has the tiniest pit I've ever seen!

  7. I like grilled tomatoes with a sprinkled of feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. Yummy.