Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smile Forever

I have a lot of artists that I like, and admire, but my all time fav is Michael Sieben. I wanted to share some of his work with ya'll so you can love it too! All the images belong to him and you can find them on his website! Enjoy!

And, for the kicker! I swear I'm not a creeper, I just really liked these paintings, and so they ended up on my hands. Not the most traditional hand tattoos, I know, but I love them and can't even imagine what my hands would look without them. And I'm not going to lie, I totally sent a photo of them to Michael Sieben a few years ago and he wrote me back! That was nice! Thanks, dude! {I even wrote in the email that I hoped he didn't think I was a creep or crazy, but I was/am totally enamored with his art!}

Who's art are you loving right now? I'd love some new suggestions! Be sure to share the links so I can check them out!



  1. Those are awesome!!! Most of my favorite artists come from deviantART, they rock so hard. Here are some of my favorites...

    I love B1nd1. Her art is so charming and magickal and just... Whoa. I have used several of her pictures as wallpaper! B1nd1 >>>

    Next would be Donatella Drago. Her art is amazing! Especially when she creates Disney Princesses in her own lifelike theme. I have used Mulan as my wallpaper as well. :P DonatellaDrago >>>

    I adore kinkei's art due to her curvy girls, pin-ups (I love me some good pin-ups) and just the style of each and every character she creates and draws!!! >>>

    You can also check out my art! (Shameless self promotion!) I mostly draw original characters, but I also create fanart. Me! >>>

    And finally, one that isn't on deviantART! Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Her fairies are simply gorgeous and her attitude towards being a work-at-home artist is a pure inspiration! Jasmine >>>

    Also, if you ever check out the comic Penny-Arcade, you'll notice Gabe's lovely style. I e-mailed him before and he was SUPER nice. I love how he's changed over the years, too. :D Penny-Arcade >>>


  2. I can NEVER get enough of Ken Garduno's illustrations!!! They're like 60's science fiction meets swag meets some pretty ladies who met gouache and ink wash. Check him out at!

    By the way, I was thinking of having one of his illustrations tattoed on me as well, but am completely unsure of the protocol there! Like, should I email him first and ask his permission? I follow his blog and his instagram and he only lives in LA, so I feel like if I just went ahead and did it it would be... Unfair to him somehow? Am I just being weird?

    <3, Molly @ velvet tangerine

  3. @molly, you could email him and ask. I kind of just went for it, but sent the photo to Sieben afterwards. I think *MOST* artists would be stoked to have their work tattooed on someone, unless they are a tattoo artist, then you just get them to do it, you know.
    But I think most artists would be pleased to know their work is being loved in a permanent way.

  4. You're right, and my tattoo artist has the same opinion. It's not like I'll be using it commercially! Or will I....