Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome to the Garden Patch

My neighbors, Coleen and Nathan, are having their first baby! We are so excited for to meet little Penelope in just a few weeks! Last weekend I got the chance to make their baby shower cake, and look how cute they are with it!
Coleen is doing her nursery in strawberries, so it seemed appropriate to make a strawberry shortcake, in the shape of a strawberry! I'm really happy for them and it's been really excited helping them get ready for the baby! I can't wait to be neighbor-auntie!
Congratulations, Nathan and Coleen! I'm so glad they loved their cake for Penelope Bean!



  1. i was about to say, "this makes me think of strawberry shortcake" then i saw you said it WAS a strawberry shortcake! how cute! you're so talented.

  2. That cake is awesome!! Love the new blog header.