Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pretty Friends + A History

We are super excited that miss Elsie, Danielle, and Micaela have all shared amazing photos of themselves wearing a pair of Tumbleweeds! It means the world to us to see such lovely women wearing the glasses we put so much love into!
And we can't forget about the fellas!
Ya'll are looking fabulous and keep sending those photos our way!!

Also, on another note, I wanted to just take a second to write about something that's been worrying me. Not really worrying me, but on my mind. We, as artists, know that there are other really awesome artists doing similar work. There are companies out there who are making sunglasses entirely from wood and we think that's great. But, I want to tell you how we came to use veneer and why it works for us!

In 2007, Doug made a pair of glasses entirely from wood. Here they are!!!
They were not only bulky in design, but super fragile and took a lot of time to make. Flawed, and once they were tackled, Doug moved on. Fast forward to a few months ago. One night, while looking at a stack of veneer that he has rescued from the recycle bin, he wanted to try again. But this time, taking pre-manufactured frames and turning them into something unique and durable.
The idea of veneering sunglasses was born and the experimenting and researching began. We discovered a lot of shops and designers, both big and small, carving and jig-sawing wooden eyewear. Our eyes grew big when we saw the price tag attached. Not everyone can afford $300+ sunglasses. We certainly can't. We also didn't want to make something that was already being made. Hence, Doug's knowledge of veneering took over and after trying numerous techniques and materials, he found the perfect matches to make high quality work at a price everyone could afford.
We use high performance epoxy, quality pre-manufactured frames and UV Resistant sealant to keep it weatherproof and keep the wood looking new. We veneer each pair by hand, in our home studio, and each piece is unique. We make them affordable and accessible. And are so very proud of the work!

So, I just wanted to share our little story, and why we choose veneer and how we are able to make our sunglasses available at such a great price!

Thanks again for all of your support and we love all of you!


PS, if you are a customer and have photos to share, please send them our way, we'd love to feature you on our blog, too!


  1. Those wood glasses are fantastic! Love them!

  2. Thanks for sharing the story behind your sunglasses, I like knowing the story behind stuff!

  3. I LOVE THIS!!! not just being included with pretty girls i adore, but the fellas! my husband is going to love his 15 minutes of blog fame wasn't on mine ha!!! i love how you encourage customers to send a pic because i know if i was ever talented, i would love to see something i worked hard on being enjoyed... and to see where your sunglasses end up. (hint, that would be a great gift for doug sometime, a scrapbook to keep of his work! ahh i love it ha!) i can't wait to show off mine in SF!!

    THANK-YOU for making quality sunglasses at a price i can afford. we love you for it!!!

  4. It was really great hearing your process and how it has evolved! I think they look great, congrats on getting the word around!