Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Peek into our Home/Studio

We had a busy but fun day today. I did a lot of cleaning and Doug worked in the studio all morning, after pancakes. Then we ran to the post office and then went to see Super 8. Holy cow, what an incredible movie. We saw it at the imax, and it was an experience. I forgot I was even at the movies, I felt like I was there, in the middle of it all. I love seeing movies like that! Anyways, I snapped a few photos of our little home studio while I was cleaning today.
I won't even tell you how much veneer we have collected. I can't wait to see some of it on glasses, the grains are all so beautiful!
We feel so err, blessed, lucky, happy, overjoyed, thankful, that everyone seems to be so happy with the sunglasses and we really are working around the clock (except I'm not when I'm not at work, or when we're sleeping) to get them out as fast as possible so we can add new styles to the shop.
Also, I am working on a blog make-over, and we are updating the photos of the glasses. Slowly but surely. So be on the lookout for better quality photos and some changes around here. I'm learning!

I am going to get back to sewing, which I will show you what we decided on doing for sunglasses bags. So fun! Think vintage cloth napkins.



  1. I'm LOVING your new banner Beca!

  2. Um, that mug is awesome. And, someone needs to teach me to sew properly. I am embarrassed to say that I never really learned to do anything beyond buttons.

  3. Oh my God, I love that coffee cup! Hahahahaha! Can't wait to see the new look of the blog. I'm doing the same dem thing.

  4. okay, i'm just going to admit, i have no idea what super 8 is. i mean, i know it's a movie (but only because people have said that much), but i'm always so far removed from the loop when it comes to new movies! i heard it was good, though.

    and your pictures! they're so pretty and i love all of the different textures.

  5. That mug is AWESOME.
    Loved the peek around your house!

  6. thanks for the sneaky peek into your home. that mug would never fail to make me smile! glad to hear your tone sounding more rested and upbeat... good things to come.


  7. i always love peeks inside someone's space. and that mug? HILARIOUS!!! i collect them and that one might be the best one i've seen! :)

    ps. i was sad that my purse is huge and messy that i broke my sunnies the first day we were out so i only have one pic of my BEAUTIFUL sunglasses while in SF :( but it's an easy fix! i just gotta get my hands on a glasses kit. i'm so glad it is cos i might have mourned over them, i love them so ;)