Friday, June 3, 2011

Little Biz Spotlight

I have been feeling some serious biz/life love lately and want to reciprocate. I have a lot of favorites on etsy, and stalk their shops on an almost daily basis. I love little businesses who are winning our hearts one treasure at a time.

For my first spotlight, I want to introduce you to someone local (to me) and pretty wonderful! Chelsea is a creative and kind hearted artist with an eye for the pretty and a keen spirit for recycling/upcycling. I love her blog, because it is sweet, personal and full of beautiful images of nature, family and her adorable Boston Terrier.
Her shop is a fairy tale land of woodsy weddings and little creatures. She often shares images of her treasures used in real weddings, and how magical that must be. I would love to know that any of our items were used for someones special day, even just given as a gift!
Go say hi to Chelsea, and enter her most recent giveaway! She is incredibly brave and just made The Dainty Woods her full time job and if you're planning on getting married soon, or just want to get something pretty for yourself or a friend, her shop is a necessary place to visit.

Stay tuned for more of these Little Biz Spotlights. And thanks for supporting independent artist! We love you!


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