Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to make: An Eyeball Cake

I got an order in on Tuesday for an eyeball cake. The catch, they wanted it to be a perfect circle. Since cake dynamics, in my mind, don't allow for a perfect circle cake, I made an almost spherical cake with a flat bottom to support the 7 layers of red velvet cake.

Start by filling your cake. I used raspberry filling and white buttercream, alternating the layers. The men who ordered this cake wanted it to ooze a little, so the raspberry was perfect.
I chilled the cake in the walk-in for a good 20 minutes before I shaped it. I started at the top and got the shape I wanted and then worked my way down.
After I shaped the cake, I chilled it again before I did a crumb coat. I like my cake to be really cold all the time. It's easier to work with.
After the crumb coat , I let it get cold again, and then added a even layer of buttercream. It doesn't have to be totally perfect because you're going to iron you cake once it crusts. (That sounds gross but it's fact.)
I didn't put it in the walk-in after I iced it because I want it to form a layer of crust. Shortening based buttercream will always harden enough to be ironed smooth. I use Viva paper towels because they are really soft and have no pattern. Kind of pricey, but I only need one per cake/tier so they last forever.
Try not to make as big of a mess as me.
As much as I love how this cake came out, I HATE how the spacing on Happy Birthday came out poorly. Doug taught me a trick to work on my spacing, so hopefully that will help. I like the top lettering, just fine, but the Happy Birthday drives me nuts looking at it.
So thats how you shape and make an eyeball cake. I made a syringe too, out of fondant and rice crispy treat. It was a lot of fun to do, but now I'm really tired and this flu is moving into my lungs and making it hard to do anything. Boo. At least I have tomorrow off!



  1. That is amazing!!! I love it

  2. beca, that's crazy! i don't really like watching the cake shows on tv, but it's insane the ideas people come up with for cakes! you're definitely a cake master though.

  3. Danielle, I HATE watching cake shows on TV, they make it look so easy. They are the reason why my boss thinks it should take me 1 hour to make a cake like this. Out of his freaking mind. (seriously, that was his only comment when he I left today. "That cake should have taken you an hour to do, not 2 hours")
    I always get excited when people ask for the weirdest cakes, but not vag cakes, those gross me out!
    Thank you Alice and Renee!

  4. That is awesome! You rock my socks.

  5. UNBELIEVABLE!!! you need to open up your own bakery :)

  6. Wild- I love it!
    Visiting from Freckled Nest.

  7. Fantastic! My little boy is sitting next to me and he thought it was very cool!

  8. nice. and probably super delicious!

  9. What talent! That came out fantastic.