Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heart Shaped Pancakes!

Unfortunately, we didn't wake up in the best moods. Our new neighbors are not the best dog owners, and leave their poor pup outside all hours of the day and night. He barks and howls and cries non-stop and I am this close to going over there. I don't want to jump to calling animal control and filing a complaint, but it is inhumane, the poor dog is so lonely and sad. And loud. So, we didn't sleep great, and woke up to the owners yelling at him from out their front door, However, he didn't take a breath and kept barking. He finally calmed down when Doug went out and talked to him through the fence, but now we're wide awake and a little sleep deprived.

BUT, as planned, I made heart shaped pancakes and Turkey bacon for breakfast. We have been pretty good about eating healthy, so it was a fun treat to get a little sweet for breakfast on my only day off this week.
I got this heart mold from the swap meet for a quarter a few months ago, and thought it was just an old fashioned cookie cutter, but in fact, it is made for pancakes! It has a great handle and with a little bit of release spray, it makes the cutest heart shaped pancakes!
They definitely lifted our moods and if you know me at all, you know I love cute shaped food! Our pups loved them too. Shhh, I spoil my babes.
What are you loving right now?



  1. Unfortunately Beca I have the same problem with my neighbors. Last summer their dog was in a filthy pen in the heat of summer with no water and so skinny his ribs were sticking out. I did call animal control, because there is no excuse for it. Animal cruelty is one thing I refuse to witness - so I would say go ahead and call. Animals can't take care of themselves and shitty animal owners don't deserve pets!

    Okay -that's my rant. :)

  2. thank you Manda! You eased my mind, I'm going to call today.

  3. Aw, poor neighbour dog. That's so sad. I HATE when people have animals and don't take care of them or spend time with them. What's the point of even having a dog or a pet then?!

    Right now (as of a couple minutes ago) I am super happy about a few minutes of Facebooking getting me places to stay and/or house-sit through at least August while I am in my home-town until October. (I am here working for six months with no one set place to stay. See also: ADVENTURE! ;oD)

  4. Yikes. Sorry to hear about the neighbours. I don't understand people who get dogs only to leave them outside all the time. What the heck is the point, jerks? Hope your sit' gets figured out soon.
    Those pancakes look awesome! Send me some!