Monday, June 27, 2011


Today was a busy day at work full of experimenting with scone recipes (perfected a buttermilk scone!! I am so used to only making vegan scones, it took a few batches for me to create a recipe that I love!) talking my old boss into giving me his cinnamon roll recipe (why didn't I write it down when I worked there, dummy...) making chocolate covered bacon cupcakes and fighting tooth and nail with melting cream cheese frosting (helllllo summer with no AC!)
And after a serious bike ride home (it was HOT and I am tired!) I walked in the door to these beauties! They are not wood! They are cork! They remind me of leopard print, and are super comfortable! I was so excited, I just wanted to share!
I am going to try to get our house clean while the mister is out skateboarding!



  1. Ah, cork glasses?! How cool! I really love the style you guys create. Simply awesome. Also, yeah, no AC is pretty sucky. Jen and I are dealing with that in our little room of the house. Phew.

    I'm off to clean as well! Good luck! ;)

  2. man, i love cork! i have been wanting to put cork on everything lately. specifically, i have a wall in my sewing/crafting nook that needs to be covered, head to toe in corky goodness!

  3. Beca, it looks like your shop is doing so well. Huge congrats to you! I love your sunglasses and bracelets. :)