Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Loving

Okay, so first of all, I know my last post was ultra depressing and brutally truthful, and I am glad that I have a place to share my thoughts, feelings, good and bad. I am also super thankful for my handful of blogger buddies who really know how to make my day. (I got a text first thing this morning from Ainsley wishing me a happy dog-mom's day! All smiles!And of course, got a virtual bear hug from my friend Danielle that totally made my night!) Right after my last post, I had an awesome phone convo with Doug's mom, who is totally rad! We talked about armadillo cakes and coming to visit this summer! It is GOING TO HAPPEN!

Also, I finally have a camera to play with again now that my mister is back. I wanted to also share with yall some things around my house that make me smile.

This handsome man is finally home.
And my dog-neice, Lula, is over for a visit tonight.
We sold our first pair of sunglasses today!
We had our first tomato start growing! Look how cute it is!!
Totally feeling better about myself, my weight, my hair (bangs are finally starting to grow back!)
And wearing my all time favorite dress right now. It has bleach stains on it, but it's a great house dress. It ties at the shoulders and makes me happpppppy!

Okay. I'm going to get dinner started! I'm so excited about sweet potatoes and fish!! Have a good night and a great start to this new week!



  1. Aw, reading your blog has totally made me want a Boston to my dog-family, once we move are able to buy a house (our dog-family is pretty full in an apartment for now!)

  2. have an awesome week Beca!! I love that you're honest in your posts and things aren't always rainbows and unicorns! lol. Because I know in my life - I sometimes have more bad days than good!!

  3. yay! i'm glad doug made it home safe and in one piece!

    you better put a lock and key on that tomato because i might just come over and eat it!

  4. thank you girls! Allison, you should definitely get a boston, they're such good dogs.
    Thank you Manda, I appreciate your comment!
    lovin you ains!