Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Adevntures

As you probably already know, I love Sundays. I have the day off now, and after a 9.5 hour work day yesterday, I was totally ready for some fun. We woke up really early this morning, grabbed some coffee at LeStats and headed to Santee for the swap meet at the drive-in.
By the way, I am still soda-free. I know that sounds stupid, like I'm drug-free or something and advocating with x's on my hands and power metal. But, no, I am drinking lots of water, riding my bike a lot and eating a bit better. I still eat what I want, but in smaller portions and include healthier snacks. You know, the regular kind of stuff. But today is one whole week without coca-cola. I miss it, but I'm happy! Annnnyways...

I lost my mind at the swap meet. Seriously, I spent under $40, and all I got was all this amazing stuff!
My kitchen is mostly orange, yellow and white. I have a few red's thrown in there, but mostly 1970s era styling. I like gold and white too. All of this pyrex, yes, all of it, I got for under $7. Don't ask me how. I guess we all have lucky days sometimes. There is a 1970s tupperware cake transporter, two blankets, some pot holders, a stacking doll (Doug found it for me!) some baby clothes for my neighbor, wheat glasses, a tambourine, a usps truck and an h&m dress. Oh, a f21 skirt and some hardback children's books. Oh my!

We had way too much fun. I also got my bathing suit on when we got home and worked on our garden for a while in the sun. I kind of have a sunburn, again! But it's totally worth it. My tomato plants and strawberry plants have all be transplanted, and I hope will start thriving.

What did you do this weekend??

I am turning electronics back off for a bit now and will see ya'll tomorrow!



  1. Good job on no soda! i'm a diet coke head, i seriously need to break this addiction!

  2. wow, it looks like you really scored! i love a good flea market, but unfortunately the big one here closed the other year so they could build apartments there :( boo. i've been eating like crap the last few weeks, and believe me, i feel it. i really need to get back to regular, which still isn't super amazing, but i don't have a stomach ache daily! enjoy the rest of your sunday!

  3. love those glasses! (both sunnies and kitchen)

  4. Yeahhh no pop! (We call soda 'pop' here :) ). I used to drink a TON of Pepsi back in high school, I guess, and I had a hard time stopping at first. Now I hardly EVER have pop. Anyhow, YAY! You are rocking it.
    And you rocked the swap meet! That button cracks me up and I love those glasses! I have some of my grandparents old glasses and beer mugs & stuff. There are about 3 or 4 awesome glasses with patterns, all mismatched. I wish I had more of them!

  5. oh i am SO JEALOUS of your finds!!!

    i laughed so loud at the "dirty mind"-- perfect!

    i had so much fun on my trip to NY and didn't even worry about "electronics"-- it was bliss but now i feel SO far behind. ha

    i missed you!

    bathing suit/gardening... now there's an idea for tomorrow! thx :)