Friday, April 29, 2011

Sunnie Suns

Doug made me a new pair of sunglasses. Rather, he updated my cheap pair of sunnies with a zebra wood front and arms. My boyfriend is a genius. And, he's had about 20 people on FB in the past 4 hours ask to buy a pair.
What do you think, friends? I love them, but would love to hear your feedback!



  1. love them!! how fabulous!! def. should be selling them!

  2. My BF bought a pair of shwoods that look similar but the way the wood was layered, they fell apart in about 2 months of regular use. I'd love to know how your BF did this! It would make mine so happy to give him something similar to the bad shwoods.

  3. Doug is a genius when it comes to the wood. I mean he does it for a living. He doesn't make them out of layered wood, he uses plastic or metal frames and veneers the wood, and then lacquers the whole thing, so they'll never fall apart!!!

  4. i think that i want him to make me a pair, too! rad!

  5. So cool!! I am very impressed, lucky girl :)

  6. They're a bit too flashy for my to personally wear, but I still think they're really great. Very unique.

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