Monday, May 30, 2011

Sickies go for a Walk

We're both sick now, but I still have work to go to, and after a busy day, I wanted to do something relaxing. We took Charlie to Balboa park and took a little walk. We both go super tired and are back on the couch. Actually, Doug is totally passed out, and I'm working on our kickstarter project, which I will share with ya'll later this week. If I don't die from the flu first. Anyways, I took a few photos on our walk.
The trees are so tall and pretty. And those sunglasses are the newest ladies style in our shop.
It was a nice little break. I have to work early in the morning, and then I have about a million packages to send off. Sorry this is so short, but I'm going to bed now!



  1. beca, even though you may be sick (and i'm thinking you're faking), you look great! i look like a zombie roadkill when i have the flu!

    i hope you get over that quickly. it's taken me two weeks and i still have stuffiness in the head. boo. so get well soon!

    also, what necklace are you wearing in that picture? i'm always curious about other people's jewelry ;)

  2. faking! I wish! I hate hate hate being sick.

    Doug carved this bird skull out of antler for me a few years ago. I love it, it's so creepy and pretty at the same time. xo

  3. awe, hope you feel better!
    PS: Check out my new vintage shop!

  4. Thanks Nikki. Shop looks great.
    How do you like goodsie?
    Not to sound like a tool, but I couldn't figure it out...i got the shop together and couldn't get to the point to list stuff...ugh...
    but i love etsy...sooo, alls good..

  5. i hope you feel better!! love your blog! sent by l.a.

    (you are beautiful because you are made in the image of god)