Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Photo an Hour

6am - Making lunch for Doug
7:15am - Driving to work
7:30am - Filling my cases and coffee
8:30am - Hedgehog cupcakes
9am - Happy Birthday Walter, here is your cake!
10am- Sunflower
11:30am - Grasshopper Macarons
12pm - Pate a Choux
1pm - Banana cream pie.
2pm - Grocery shopping
2:30 - A late lunch
3pm - Working on tags for our consignment jewelry
3:30pm - Packaging a blouse
4pm - Sending a belated mothers day gift to Doug's mom and shipping items for the shop
4:45pm - Waiting for Doug to get off work and writing letters
5:30pm - Driving to the beach
6pm - Baby time
6:15pm - My best friend and the love of my life
6:45pm - Relaxing, finally
7:30pm - Dinner for grown-ups.
8pm - Computer time

I'm getting super tired so I don't think I have it in me to stay up any later and take more photos. So that was my exciting day! Ha! We have ALOT to do before our meeting tomorrow night. I want to finish making tags and Doug is finishing up some bracelets. Exciting! More on that later! Have a great night!



  1. this was so much fun! you do a lot in a day. i really miss working in bakehouses. i need to do more stuff like this at home!

    relax, lady. you deserve it!

  2. damn i wish i could bust out any cupcakes at 830 in the morning, but especially hedgehogs!! and i agree with renee. you do a lot. when i wake up that early i go home, attempt to do a lot but end up falling asleep for four hours... also your lunch looked REALLY GOOD. xo

  3. yum yum yum look at all the food!!
    also great post over at sometimes sweet lady!! You are freaking adorable

  4. this looks like such a fun day , grasshopper macarons that sounds so yummy
    i wanna do an photo an hour post one day but im sure i would forget to take the pictures every hour lol

  5. I have attempted doing this project a couple of times, and finally did it. And I thought I was really tired, but I just got a second wind! :)Thanks ya's!

  6. what a busy day! a lot of your photos are making me hungry - yum! your dog is very cute, that photo at 6pm is adorable!

  7. looked like a fun and busy busy day!!! I want to be at the beach!

  8. Hey Kelley, notice anything!! I LOVE the bakers twine you sent me, and am using it for everything!!! Thanks! xox!

  9. love this! one of the cutest day in the life posts i've seen! i need to do one, sometime.

  10. what a busy and fulfilling life you lead... surrounded by love and doing something you love, both at work and your etsy job. ugh, one day i hope to say the same! *add live near water to this list!

    i can't get over Monster's face!!!! ha LOVE! <3 and "dinner for grownups"

    the photo of your feets and the dogs in the background just might be my favorite.

  11. seriously, once i get my life in order ;)

  12. Oh my god, hedgehog cupcakes!!! Cute AND yummy! Also, I think that's Monster and I think he's too freaking cute. And that photo of you & Dough is so sweet!