Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Small Victories

I don't have very much substance to share today. I have had a really productive and successful day. Remade honeycake for Passover and it came out beautifully. Had a lot of success with Pâte à choux, which I don't care what anyone tells you, is not a simple feat. At least not for me. The shells came out WAY big, but incredibly delicate and airy. The white chocolate was a little chaotic for some reason. The assistant put it in a paper pastry bag which I wasn't happy about, but used it anyways. Stupid. Next time I know better.
I also cut and dyed my hair tonight. It's really dark brown and I welcomed back the baby bangs I owned for so many years, except with a slant. I don't know how I feel about it all yet. I'll take better photos tomorrow. I'm totally exhausted. Can't you tell from this horrible photo??
I'll leave you with a video that I hope you enjoy as much as I did.



  1. okay, beca, i had no idea what this post was going to be about, but all i know is i saw food and that was it. well, okay, i admit i don't really like chocolate very much, but even with chocolate, that still looked good! it actually might be time for me to eat lunch.

    i LOVE your bangs! you should feel good about them!

  2. Thanks Ains.

    Danielle, thank you. I am starting to like them more today....and it's so hard, everything that I would normally like and eat, the bosses want smothered in chocolate....ugh.....

  3. I LOVE your dark color-- but esp. the slanted bangs :) bangs-- a look i wish i could pull off! i have tried many a times by cutting my own but alas, it never works.

    that video-- UNREAL! he looks like paper!!

    and every time you post about your work, i want to come visit to a.)meet YOU of course but b.) eat some good sweets! that are almost too pretty to eat :) cos unlike D, i LOVE me some chocolate!