Friday, April 8, 2011


I am in a bad mood. Like all I want to do is eat junk food and lay in bed kind of bad mood. I spent a good part of this morning making this purse cake for a seven year old. I'm sorry, but what kind of seven year old wants a cake shaped like a purse? Seriously, a pony, or a butterfly, or something like that...but a purse?
Well, in the process of trimming the cake, the other baker gives me a new knife. Oh great, a new knife. Perfect. There goes half my thumb. I'm not joking, I probably should have gotten stitches, but I hid it well. I wrapped it up and winced in private. And by winced, I mean cried. Now I cant text, twitter, or type very well. But goddamn it, I can decorate a stupid purse cake. Boss was really happy, though, so cool. I messed up some cookies, forgot to eat lunch, pouted. Was annoyed and in pain and pms'ing. Made a bunch of junk, some pretty cupcakes I didn't take photos of.

Got home, ate half a bag of Doritos and now I'm going to sleep. Doug beat me to it, so looks like it's nap time in this house. Sorry I'm such a total bummer. I hope you still like me and still follow my blog because at least I'm funny when I'm in a shitty mood.



  1. Well, at least it's a nice looking purse cake. I wouldn't want a purse cake ever, at 7 or 70 but to each small child, their own.

  2. well - it is a nice looking purse cake! bummer about the thumb... you are a much tougher gal than me... I'm a totally cry baby when it comes to painful things! well, tomorrow is another day!