Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Watching, Reading, Wearing, and Hearing.

Remember live journal? Remember at the end of every post you could comment on what you were watching, wearing, reading, listening to, feeling, etc. Here is my modern day rendition.

(We fell asleep to this last night, so we're going to watch the rest right now. So far, it's really, really good.)
(Joyce Carol Oates is my favorite author, of all time, I have read almost everything she has written. This book is really good so far. I got it yesterday at the thrift store next to the laundromat. Sometimes I think I am the love child of Joyce Carol Oates and Stephen King, who I also have a strange literary obsession with.)
(I found this AA dress at the National City flea market for $.25. I sewed the pockets shut and have been wearing it non-stop)
(You should know by now that I love this man. Don't hate.)

I'm excited for another day off tomorrow so I can finish cleaning and organizing our studio. It's still a mess!

Beca Lew

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