Saturday, March 5, 2011

Somebody Loves Me

Last night, I got off of work early, rode my bike home like lightening through the dark, flew into the yard, dropped my bike and burst through the door only to be greeted by a couple of these beauties.
I have been "collecting" Russian stacking dolls since I was a kid. I still regret selling a few in the shop...but I still have quite a pretty collection. Doug got off work early yesterday and picked these up for me as a surprise. The big one in the back and the two medium sized ones. The big one is a music box. I. am. in. love. He also picked out the two strawberry ones. Even more in love. (Sorry the photo isn't great, I am feeling really lazy right now.)

And to top the night off, he took me to Gulf Coast Grill for dinner. Holy holy, it was incredible. For the first night in a really really long time, we didn't worry about bills, we didn't worry about work, we just enjoyed an incredible southern dinner and each others company. Doug had the Seafood Pan Roast -clams, scallops, shrimp & oysters sautéed in a sherry cream sauce served over rice & topped with crabmeat. I had the Cornmeal Crusted Fish and Shrimp with bleu cheese crispy potatoes & jicama slaw. It was SO good. I didn't take any photos, I didn't do anything except eat and talk and be totally freaking in love. It was such a good night. If you live in San Diego and want to try a new restaurant, Gulf Coast Grill is definitely worth the expense.

This morning we woke up early and drove to Spring Valley swap meet. It was kind of a bust. I mean, we got some neat stuff for around the house and stuff, but nothing really for the shop. I did find two globes for $2 each, and the guy felt bad for asking that much. I almost cried. I am not going to list them in the shop, I really like them, so I guess I am going to keep them. At least for now. I'll take photos of them when I don't feel like such a lump. I'm just so tired from working a billion hours this week and grumpy because I know I have to go back in at 5.

Enough complaining, I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing it. Uh, here's a pie I made last night at work. I think it's pretty. I'm also the messiest baker in the world, probably.
Alos, I put some items in the shop on sale today. Including this globe, this clock, and this ring. I will also be putting some other items on sale tomorrow.

I wanted to post this song today too. After my last post, and feeling the winds of change, this song always gets me pumped.
Have a great Saturday. I have lots of new jewelery to make since I got more hardware in the mail yesterday and have an order to ship out!!



  1. those nesting dolls are so adorable! all of them! SO JEALOUS OF YOU.

  2. Ooh, thanks!! I feel so loved, it's ridiculous. I keep holding them in my lap, and being happy! ;) (can you tell we haven't been getting each other presents lately to save money...)

  3. a nesting doll collection must be so cool to have! i love them and hope to get a tattoo of one someday! :)

  4. You should!! I like this one by Kim-Anh Nguyen.