Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shop Update

It's Sunday, which really means it's my Friday! Hooray! I have SO much to do tomorrow, and am excited to have the whole day to do it! Doug is sick with the flubug, and Ollie is trying really hard to help him feel better by sleeping on him, and I'm trying to get all of our new treasures into the shop before I go into work. Oh, and I am devouring kit-kats like they're going out of style and watching Teen mom 2.

Here are some incredible items in the shop now.
I have felt so lucky to have found so many globes lately. I love being able to put them in the shop, and this one is so special, because it lights up and you can adjust the spotlight underneath so that it highlights certain parts of the world. It also have a thermometer and barometer.
And HELLO! Check out this incredible find. It's a mickey Mouse record player and it works!! It's so neat, I almost want to keep it, but unlike the rest of the hip-world, I don't own one single record. And really, wouldn't this be cool for little ones?
Yes, this is a Moby Dick magnifying glass...You'll have to visit the shop to see what other cool things it does.
The shop is filling up with even more beauties as I type. Well, kind of, I can't list items and blog at the same exact time....but you get the idea. I ended up not making a video this weekend. We didn't feel good today, and I just didn't feel like it. Sorry. Maybe next weekend. Have a good rest of the weekend!



  1. i lovelovelove that globe! wherever did you find it?!

  2. i second ainsley's comment! that globe is awesome! i always dream of finding globes when thrifting but never do.

  3. ps. i just read your about me page... you are seriously cool. a bfa in film? that is so cool! it's something i considered majoring in, and still kind of want to...

  4. Ainsley, @ Kobeys, in case anyone else in SD want to know since I already emailed you...

    Flea market, Liz! Thrift stores overprice globes, anyways, but usually flea markets have them for anywhere from $2-$10. I don't know how the swap is near you, but give it a shot. Any more than that, and I just walk away, unless it's really worth it. This one was worth lights up! ;)

    And thanks. If you have any questions about doing a bfa program in film production, you can always email me.