Friday, March 25, 2011

Rainy Day Blues

I think I have been kind of personally absent from this blog lately. I mean I have been consistently posting, but not anything that has a smidgen of my voice to it. I have been really distracted with focusing on my home (ie, reorganizing, cleaning, putting new bed together, not doing laundry, spending money we don't have, you get the picture..) and honestly, I have been feeling kind of down. I think it's the weather, because everything else in my life is incredible. I was hired yesterday as the pastry chef at the deli, which is such an incredible feat and I am really proud of my persistence and hard work to get it. I have a great boyfriend who does everything for me, and loves me more than words can express, my dogs are awesome, our shop is rad. I just feel bummed.

In order to get myself out of this mood, I straightened up my little work space.
It didn't really work, but this is where I work.
We got our business cards in the mail from Moo and I am in love. They are so pretty, and I am so glad we went with the recycled paper. I love the way it looks and the way it feels.
I got this really pretty southwestern fabric from the thrift store this morning and made a little envelope bag to see how I would like it. It's prefect. I want to make little bags for bows and arrows merchandise. I also got new eyelets at the leather shop this morning, and they're too big for my hand press. I am frustrated with that, but don't want to get a new hand press. Everything seems more stressful and frustrating than it really is.

Our old roommate from Tucson Shawn in visiting us this weekend and it's really good to see him. It was fun living with him in Tucson. We always ate chicken wings and watched TV marathons. It was a good last few months in the pueblo.

Speaking of Tucson, my friend Isaiah put out a new video and it's really rad. I like the song, and the imagery and the editing. I can't say enough about it.
I am training some new people at work tonight and tomorrow who have been hired to replace me. I hope that I can get through this weekend. I also hope that it stops raining. I swear that is what is making me so depressed. I am cold, and everything is soggy and damp. It's depressing. I could never live in the northwest.

I am going to get my hands busy making dog collars! Whaaat!? Yep. I'm going to give it a go. Let's see how they come out. There is a little sneak peek at how the first one looks above.



  1. bouts of the sads are the worst. i hope the sun comes out for you this weekend <3

  2. i'm stoked to see dog collars! i have 3 little fur babies who need some new ones! i think we all go through the 'blues' - I know I had a rough week (mainly due to my 9 to 5 life) -- and if affected all my creative endeavors this week! This too shall pass :) - (i hope) - lol...

  3. Yes yes yes collars!! :D
    I hear you on fighting the blues. I think it's job-searching & the weather for me lately. Thank goodness it's spring!!