Tuesday, February 8, 2011

V-Day Gifts and Studio/Rock Collection!

I can't wait until after this weekend to share this rad find. I bought this Canon Lens travel coffee mug for Dougie. So neat!!
I have never really done anything for Valentines Day, never had a reason to, until the past few years. Now that I have a reason to (even though my better half isn't too keen on the whole cheesy v-day thing...) I still do a little something something to make it special. This year, I got him a silly Charlie Brown card (I LOVE Charlie Brown, and so does Doug!) and this awesome camera lens travel coffee mug. I was excited to see that Kaelah over at Little Chief Honeybee had the same idea, along with a bunch of other nice valentines day gift ideas. Check it out if you're having a hard time figuring out what to get your man.

We're going to the zoo on Sunday since Doug has to work on Monday! That's good enough for me. I love animals, I love Doug, that's enough love for me. I have a special cake order for Saturday (think "Cars," the movie) and I'm pretty excited.

Here are some beginning photos of our new space. This is my little shipping station. (Still waiting for my new scale to come in the mail!!) I'm sorry if it looks messy, but it is what it is, and it is in use constantly, so that's that! (It's made from a 1960s library cart and a makeshift desk-top)
As for the rest of the space, I have a temporary old vintage card table to put my sewing machine and use as a desk until I find the perfect desk. I am really picky, so I would rather have a temporary table in the meantime. Don't mind the pile of clothes in the corner, it's gone now. I was going through old clothes to get rid of and donate. Looks much more open now.
And also, remember when I told you about my Rock Collection, well here are a few little photos I wanted to share. It's really special to me because the vast majority of these come from my Grandpa (my Dad's Dad) and I have managed to hold on to these for 25 years (courtesy my Dad's garage) and the rest are special rocks Doug's Dad has given me over the past few years and rocks that I have picked up on the beach or the cliffs since we moved here. The rocks and gems in this shelf are only about 1/5 of my collections, and doesn't include the big geodes. I don't know why I am drawn to rocks so much, but it's like a piece of the earth that belongs to me.
My Dad also sent me this little wall plaque of his hand print from 1956. I love it. I think things like that are really special and I will be holding on to it for a long long time. (I kind of want to do doggie footprint ornaments, does that make me a crazy animal lady??)
I am going to finish organizing our bedroom now. Not as productive as yesterday, but I had a lot of stuff to ship out today and I kind of sort of fell back asleep this morning..oops...Oh well, i still have tomorrow off too!

Have a lovely Tuesday, yall!

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