Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little House Pillowcase

My sick day somehow made me feel like holing up in the house with my pups and make lots of little things while watching my favorite movies and eat pizza, and feel no shame. We really really needed new pillowcases, so I got really pretty raw cotton material at the fabric store down the street for $1 a yard, and pieced together some cute little cottages, and tada. It only took my an hour to make this (with lots of breaks) and I'm starting another one now.
If only my nose would stop running and my head would stop pounding. If only. Doug is taking me to the beach when he gets home and then we're getting take-out. I'm looking forward to that. Have a good Wednesday!



  1. wow you are really productive when you're sick! :) i just lie around and whine. that pillowcase is awesome btw.

  2. Normally, I am a lump on the couch, but I am so pissed I got sick on my day "off" that I tried to stay busy. Don't worry though, I am not a super human, I stopped many times and laid face first on the couch and cried a few times, and texted Doug 100 times, etc etc. Boooo.
    (thanks! I also made Doug a pillow for his side that wasn't so girly and cutesy. It just says his name in red felt. haha!)

  3. suuuuuper cute! i hope you get better soon!! :(