Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Facebook and the Flu

Nothing is super new in my life right now, except that I have the flu. It sucks, because it isn't a really bad sickness, but it is enough to bug me. I just don't feel good. I did get a chance to go to the post office and do like 6 loads of laundry today, both of which were over due. We also made breakfast and watched "Adaptation" before Dougie went to work, which was nice.

I'm working on our facebook business page, inspired by Danielle's post over at The Merriweather Council. If you don't already follow her blog, you should because she has been sharing a lot of great small business tips lately.
If you want to like us on facebook, please visit us HERE. There is a special offer us right now (hint hint). Anyways...I have almost zero energy, even to do stuff online. So uploading photos and writing this half-asses update is about as far as I am going to go. Seems like South Park and maybe another cup of coffee are in my future. It's COLD here (I'm sorry, but I live in Southern California for a reason, and 39 degrees is cold to me...I know most of you are snowed in...I wouldn't be able to do it.) Stay warm.



  1. I posted some flu remedies on my blog just a few days ago, as I had it too. :( and the boyfriend before me. No. Good. You need to fix yourself a hot toddy and get better!

    feel well soon sweet girl!

  2. i hope you feel better soon! i just got over that shit man it sucks.