Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I Wore and Doug's New Work Space

We have a pretty tiny house. Honestly, I think half of our rent is paying just for the yard, which is worth it's weight in gold. For having 3 dogs, the fenced private yard with grass and plenty of room to play is worth it, to me, BUT, we don't have a lot of room to work inside, so it usually just happens on the living room floor, or the kitchen counter, or wherever we can find the space. (But, I'm sure if the weather keeps up, I will be spending a lot of time working in the yard, and on the season is quickly approaching.)

Doug helped me last week put everything for the shop into the laundry room (since the washing machine and dryer were both broken when we moved in, we opted for the space rather than try to fix them.) That means I have a space to take photos for the shop, a space to keep my stuff (albeit not organized, yet...still working on that.) I told you it was tiny!
So today, I started putting together a place for Doug to work on his leather projects, like bike seats and rings. It is still a work in progress, as our roommate brought home this leather armchair that doesn't really fit anywhere, so it's kind of in the way, and we need to put in some shelves or something for the rest of his tools that are stored in random places.
I won't leave the candles there, I just forgot that I took photos with candles on his table. I was also cleaning on top of the entertainment center (which is where I keep all my candles...mmm...I love apple cinnamon candles so MUCH!)

Oh, and I guess I'll do a What I Wore post today too, since I LOVE my new blouse. It makes me super happy. I got it at the African League Thrift Store on Monday for $1.50. Stooooooked! If you know me, you know I HATE spending money on clothes, so I wear the same few things until they disintegrate and then I buy something else, very similar. But if I find a deal like this, i can't pass it us. (And yes, it is so beautiful outside I can keep the door open all day loooong!!)
Doug made me this skull necklace. He carved it from a damaged deer antler. I haven't taken it off in years. My buddy Alita gave me the peacock necklace for my 25th birthday and then she and the twins took me to eat french toast and go dress shopping. I miss them, a lot.
My hair is fading into a really pretty reddish color, I like it.
And my favorite thing that I did today, painted my nails, a very festive red and gold flake. I LOVE gold nail polish, and I always have, and I am totally going to claim stake on that, even though everyone in the blog world is stoked on gold polish right now. Girls, welcome to my world.
Back to cleaning this house. It is pretty overwhelming, but it was refreshing to read Rubyellen's blog post about her messy house. I don't feel all alone. I also don't have three young children, but I do have two grown men and four dogs to clean up after, and that is pretty much the same?!?? I'm going to go ahead and say that it is! Two more hours until I need to be at work, two more hours of cleaning. Maybe some hummus and garlic toast and some reading in the middle.


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