Wednesday, January 26, 2011

C E L E B R A T E !!!

Tomorrow is our 5 month anniversary with our Tumbleweeds Odd Shop. I know 5 months isn't really THAT big of a deal, BUT, we are at 199 sales.

So in grand Tumbleweeds style, we are going to having a HUGE SALE!!!!! I want to get to over 200 sales by 11:59 tomorrow night! OVER TWO HUNDRED!

I am posting a coupon code for you to use to receive 20% off your ENTIRE purchase!!!!
That's a pretty killer deal, if I do say so myself.

The code is "ANNIVERSARY"

It is only good until tomorrow, January 27th, at 11:59pm California Time, so that gives you east coasters a few extra hours, or something like that, this is my first year with daylight savings time, and I still don't get it.

SO happy anniversary, Tumbleweeds.

(PS, if you think this is good, wait until we reach 1 year, it's going to be off the hook!)


(Photo Source: Confetti System)

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