Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shop Update Monday....uh...Tuesday

Some new pretties for the shop.
This Globe is my FAVORITE, all cleaned up and deliciously pretty!

We went to the San Diego zoo today after my interview (which went really well by the way, I will be making pastries tomorrow at 5am!!! I hope it works out, I am always a little weary with new jobs, but I feel really positive about this one.) Anyways, the zoo was phenomenal. We walked about 100 miles and didn't even see half of the place. And our membership includes the Wild Animal Park, which we will be visiting soon! Doug took a lot of photos. When he is done uploading and editing, I will share them with you.

We came home, made a really awesome dinner. Whole wheat pasta, grilled pork and yellow squash and tomato sauce and we're just going to DO NOTHING for the rest of tonight. Maybe eat some dessert and work on some projects, and watch the new episode of Tosh.0. Lazy night after the best day ever!

Goodnight & xo,


  1. I'm glad to hear the interview went well. Kick some butt in the morning!!! Also, I love the SD zoo!

  2. Thanks! I am pretty excited. I've been working as a baker for a long time and am ready to up the ante!!