Monday, January 10, 2011

I Like Stuff + More Waiting

So pretty Terrariums.
We went to watch the sunset in Ocean beach tonight. Doug took this photo. It really was this beautiful.
I have red velvet cake in the oven right now, but look at how beautiful this cake is!!
This Vintage wallpaper from Second Hand Rose
This oh-so lovely crocheted owl baby blanket by All Things Granny.
Glitter Cookies from Purl Soho (Purl Bee.) My newest obsession. I have spent hours on this blog so far and more and more to go. I also want to make these cookies, but with cherry cream filling and red glitter. And seriously, check out the blog, but make sure you have lots of time to devote to drooling over the bright colors and beautiful crafting supplies/tutorials they have to offer.
So, we had a really nice day. I got everything shipped off for our shop, but haven't finished photographing our new items, so hopefully tomorrow, I will get the shop updated. I'll post some special links when we get everything listed.

Also, the news I have been waiting to hear about is in progress. But here is a little sneak peek, and I promise not to be too bummed if it doesn't work out. I got the call. I have an interview with a bakery tomorrow for a pastry chef position. I took a little break to build up the shop before we moved, and have been looking around for the right place to apply at now that I am ready to be back in the kitchen, but nothing has worked out so far. I have positive feelings about tomorrow, but you never really know. Not until you sign the papers. I really miss working in a bakery. I love my little job now, but it isn't nearly enough for us to live on, and it can be pretty boring and uninspiring. Wish me luck for the morning. I'll let you know how it goes.

By the way, we have been working really hard to eat healthier and it has been semi-successful. We love junk food, but if you remember, I NEVER said I wanted to stop eating junk food, I just want to incorporate healthier food. Which has been totally successful. Tonight I made pork chops, peas and rosemary red potatoes. Y U M!

Anyways, it's almost time for me to go to bed. Early day tomorrow with lots to do.


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