Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This Week To Come

I am doing laundry at Greg and Paula's house while they are at work. Doug is sleeping on the couch next to me (very long first day of work!!) and I'm watching Ollie, Charlie and Milton wrestle in the strangest way. I have never seen all three of them play, Charlie usually just watches, but it's pretty adorable. Watching reality TV and craving sweets badly, but resisting. I wanted to take a little break from updating the shop and post for real. I have some plans this week for the blog, the shop, and life that I want to share.

For this lovely little blog:
Tomorrow, a tour of our new house, finally pretty much unpacked!! J O Y !!!
This weekend, our Christmas tree, a fun little tutorial and celebrating a certain someone's new job!
Early next week, the unveiling of some new projects!

For our incredible shop:
We have over 50 more items to list and share.
They range from reusable vintage dinosaur bath bottles, vintage cupcake perfume jars, vintage stationary, reusable circus bath bottles for kids, and MORE! Some have been listed and some haven't yet, but will be up in the shop in the next few days.
And I have some goals and changes for my/our life:
I am going to start riding my bike to work everyday again. Now that my love has a job, that means he is going to have our vehicle all day. Plus, I want to lose some weight and save money on parking and gas. (paying for parking, aaarg, so expensive!!) I used to ride my bike EVERYWHERE. I was a little obsessed with it. But since last summer, I haven't been riding as much. I also haven't touched it since we moved to San Diego. So very sad. My bike is beautiful and one of a kind, made with love by someone wonderful. And, yes, it is covered in thin stretched red velvet and kind of looks like a sombrero, or a circus costume.
Since we moved to SD, I have lost about 12 pounds, but since I started losing a little bit of weight, I want to lose some more! I want to lose 10 more pounds before the new year. I think that riding my bike is going to help that a lot. I'll keep you in the know as it goes along. (I have to work on Christmas eve, Christmas and New Years, so no risk of holiday overeating.) I guess I'll just take it one day at a time and see how it goes. (psss...I have been walking to the post office to ship out orders, and it feels really good!)

Anyways, thats a little update. I've been slacking bad on real posts. I'll get into the swing of this schedule soon!



  1. Somedays I wish I had a bike, then I drive up our steep hill in the pouring rain and think otherwise.

  2. haha, there is a gnarly hill on the way to work that I am a little nervous about since it's been so long that I've ridden, but I have no other choice...

  3. hills help build leg power! what kind of bike is it? i used to ride a bike all the time in sf & dc before i moved to sf but then i got into a pretty bad wreck ... now i have this sweet early 60s coaster brake single speed but haven't gotten a helmet so i don't ride it anywhere... i'm excited for your house tour!! and your goal of losing weight. i've been trying to do that but i'm trying to cut down on smoking too which = eating more, kind of an awkward balance. good luck! & thanks for your offer of air plants and taxidermy toys! i love those! since i've moved back to the east coast it's been so hard to find air plants, i left all my plants in sf :( i'll email you soon and send you my addy (and your coffee is gonna be sent out later this week!) xo

  4. I used to ride 30 miles a day, without batting an eye. No problem, but I sold my road bike and just ride a coaster brake bike now. I LOVE it, it's so easy and sweet, but harder to go longer distances. My work is only a few miles but I've gotten laaaaaaaazy and gained a bunch of weight. I gained weight when I quit smoking too. SO glad that I did, though. 1.5 years now!! Good luck with that. Oh, I have a really cute horse riding helmet! I love it. It's black velvet!! :) xo!!