Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spinach Quiche & Much Needed Shop Update (& MORE RAIN)

It is STILL raining. Flooding, actually. This is what our garage looks like. Doug ventured out today to help Chris fix his truck and took this photo. It's so cold out and wet and uncomfortable.I haven't left the house today, but that's a good thing, because I have been meaning to update the shop with this lovely collection of vintage photographs. (Me not leaving the house also means that the dogs haven't really gone outside much and they are so restless.) So, here are some of the fruits of my productivity. There are 13 "lots" of vintage photographs from the 1920-1950s. Here are a few photos of what is available.
I am really excited to add these to the shop. If you are anything like me, you love vintage photos. I have a ridiculous collection and it is about time to share them with all my friends. There are some I will never let go, and some I have let go that I regret. I used to collect photos of other people's pets and during a purge I accidentally sold them along with another lot of photos to a girl in Tucson. When we started packing to move, I looked everywhere for them and realized they were gone. I've started over collecting vintage pet photos and hopefully will get back the rad collection I had before. Anyways, these collections are really cool, lots of neat shots of families, kids, nature and more. (I like the Christmas ones.)

For lunch today, I made a spinach quiche. It came it really good, although the crust was a little hard to work with so the fluting is a bit uneven. I think it was the humidity.
I could have eaten this whole thing myself, it was so delicious. I am starting to really love quiche. I want to make pies all the time now, including quiche. I go through phases. I also dyed my hair, and finally, after years and years, my hair looks exactly the way I want it to, except that it is still too short, but color-wise, it's perfect! Hooray! I'm too lazy to take a good photo. Here's one from my computer. YES, I am wearing the oldest yellow American Apparel sweatshirt EVER! It's so old, it has faded to the weirdest yellow color, but it's warm and I am NOT leaving the house today!!
Hope everyone has a lovely, stress-free Tuesday and if you're in Southern California, stay dry! It's Niagra Falls out there!! (Which in case you were wondering, is in my top five places to visit in the world...)


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