Monday, December 13, 2010

Cabrillo Light House & Shop Update

We went on an adventure yesterday morning. Got peppermint hot chocolate and donuts (our new Sunday morning thing) and drove out to Cabrillo national Park. There are tide pools and this really incredible lighthouse from the 1800s. one of San Diego's first light houses.
It is super tiny and we gushed over all of the neat 1800s items they have inside. Lots of cool furniture and toys and decorations. It was all behind glass, but was still really fun to see. We're definitely museum kind of people, we can spend hours and hours wandering around museums.
The view was TO DIE FOR. Reminded me of the movie The Ring though, with the tiny islands. Kind of creepy, but I bet even more creepy when the fog settles. We were hoping for more clouds, but of course it was sunny and bright, a lovely 80 degrees out. I wasn't just wasn't a photo kind of day out. The weather this weekend was the reason why we moved was perfect.
The staircase going up to the lighthouse.
Doug took more photos but I haven't seen them yet. We barely see each other anymore because of our work schedules, but the time we do get to spend together is really nice. I have the next few days off which is awesome, then I work Thursday, then I am off Friday and Saturday for Dougs birthday, then I work Sunday, so this week will be super chill.

Chris is moving in today. I am actually really excited. It is going to be tight quarters, but we'll manage. I hope we don't get sick of him, or he gets sick of us. The extra rent $$ will be super helpful and the company will be nice. Chris is one of our best buds and he's a good kid. Plus, I miss Talulah. We will now have THREE boston terriers in the house. Oh MY. And Ollie of course, who is like having 6 bostons rolled up in one big giant bulldog.
I have to say though, the dogs are all doing this annoying licking things now, and I can't figure out if they are just picking it up from each other, or what, but they just lick their chops while they are laying down, a LOT and it's driving me crazy. Oh, the trials of having bully breed pups.

We have a lot of new items in the shop and I will just share a few. Plus it's Monday Shop Update are some really rad celluloid deer. They are not easy to find and I was stoked we came across a little lot of them. This instant collection is being sold as a pair, doe and fawn. The mama has a bell around her neck and mistletoe in her mouth, but don't let them be put in a box come New Years, let the festivities keep on keeping on for months to come with this pretty set.
The key to her heart vintage tie pin or hat pin or blouse pin. Be creative. Find a million and one uses in this cute little pendant. (sorry fellas, my heart is already on lock down, but use this key to find your true love...)
Vintage 1960s corsage. Wooza, this pretty pin must have been somebodies cherished corsage since it was kept in the original box! The gold and plastic round box is in vintage condition and has pretty white hearts around the top. The corsage has lived a life and has some wear, as you can see. But pretty none the less.
1960s Tiffanys Lamp Avon Decanter. In MINT condition. Perfect for collectors of pretty things.
Two more celluloid deer with pretty antlers and rosy ears. Twins! Too cute!!
So, as you can see, I've been busy, trying to stock up. We are doing okay in the shop right now, but still not a full time gig. We also have out tree up, but I haven't had a chance to take any photos of it yet! I'm so bad, I'm sorry. But it's really pretty and sweet. It's a short little fat Charlie Brown tree and the cat keeps knocking ornaments off. It's actually pretty cute.

So, it's back to work for me.


  1. I love your blog, Especially the pics! What great little collections you have...and I enjoyed your writing style, so lighthearted! So glad you Love 2 Upcycle, I added your blog to our bloglist for the Team's blog @

    Peace and love this Christmas!

  2. Thanks so much! I am happy to have joined you team...I've been looking for the perfect team and looks like I found it! xoxo.