Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Day is it?

I don't really know what day it is.

Today was my second day back to work at my new job. I hope my bosses never find my blog, because I have to say that as much as I really like everyone I work with, and the customers are all really, really nice, and the bakery is amazing, and I DO really like my job, it's SO boring. I miss being in the kitchen, and as much as I don't mind making Bloody Mary's and slicing pie, it's SO boring.
While I'm at work, I miss the dogs. I really, really miss Doug ( I think I called him like 10 times today, and texted him in secret all day.) I also miss wearing pj's until 3pm, and baking pumpkin cookies for the man I love, and working on the shop. (If you have visited lately, I'M SORRY, it hasn't been updated in a week, so sad!) BUT, I know that once we get in the rhythm of our new life, everything will settle, and next week we'll be able to re-stock the shop and everyone will be a lot happier.

Anyways, it's nice to be home and pretty soon I will have a totally different schedule. Thur-Sun nights, 5-2. I've never worked nights before (except on film sets) and it's going to totally mess with my perception of time. I'm used to working early mornings. Also, I forgot that working in the service industry is so physically exhausting (come on, it's been over 6 months since I stopped working in the bakery.)

Anyways, nothing really new here. I'm tired and want to curl up and chill hard. I also want potato chips and a big soda. It may happen if I convince Doug to walk to the store with me. ;)

Here's a rad photo to end your night. It's by Diane Arbus. I always thought it was a Richard Avedon photo, but I guess since they were friends, they won't mind the mix-up. (edited source)
And this newer photograph by Loretta Lux. This photo creeps me out, big time. But I like it.
And finally this old sideshow photo from what looks like the 1800s. I like it.
I'm only posting weird twin/sister photos because I haven't taken a single photograph since we moved in. It's the last thing on my mind. Sorry. But it gives me a chance to share some of my favorites. GOODNIGHT!