Saturday, November 13, 2010


Doug's working right now, and I'm going to go keep him company in a minute but wanted to sit down and write about my exciting news. It's so rad. I got a job!! (In addition to our shop, which unfortunately isn't doing to great) I start my new job this afternoon. I'm nervous and excited, and SO thankful that I found a job. I have another interview for a part time gig in a donut kitchen on Monday that I hope happens too. The job I got in Hillcrest is neat, it's super close, I can ride my bike there. The owner told me he had over 150 applicants, and I was their top choice, to I'm pretty stoked, to say the least. I go in today at 1.

We are completely moved in now, still living out of boxes, but such is the way of moving without furniture. Once we are both working full time, we'll start putting the energy into getting furniture and decorating. I am in dire need of a shower and more coffee, so here's a bunch of stuff I love.
This ADORABLE baby deer I saw a photo of on one of my favorite blogs, "The Doe or The Deer."
This amazing George Washington chest piece and the Last Supper back piece. I have been planning a St. Francis of Assisi piece on my ribs for years, since I won't ever get my back tattooed, but I think this one is pretty neat. I also love her American flags and president on her chest. It's something I would do, if I didn't already have my chest done.
Last night, Paula and I decided that we're going to have a miniature food party (appetizers.) I love miniatures, and this miniature cupcake on a cupcake idea makes me smile!
(someone posted this on facebook, so I don't know where is came from...)
Crocheted Matryoushka dolls from Amy Gaines. I want to make these for Christmas.
This incredible girls bedroom. So pretty! I have a bunch of buntings that are in the works when I get more organized.
My best friend Alex, her husband Brent and their boys, Liam and Holden. Also my old puppy Oscar who we gave to Brent for his birthday, and Oscars daughter Chelsea. I miss this bunch a lot. Doug shot this photo for their family portraits.
My amazon parrot LeRoy. I miss him, too.
These weird little monkey sisters. I can't FOR THE LIFE OF ME remember where I found this. Sorry. Probably just google image searching one day.
And lastly, this cute photo Doug took of Monster the other night. I love this gremlin.


  1. Thanks, he's a little butt head sometimes, but we love him!!