Monday, November 29, 2010

My Saturday, Your Monday

This is the mess on top of our fridge. And our beta fish, Jack.
The doorway into our kitchen
(under construction.)
Above our front door.
Impromptu cookie baking leads me down some delicious paths.
I'm a big fan of sprinkles and since the Chargers won yesterday, and Greg and Paula LOVE the Chargers, I thought it might me nice to make them cookies with sprinkles with the Chargers colors.
Doug got Ollie a new toy at Target today. He is obsessed with it. I can hear him squeaking all over the house.
More Chargers colors.
Pretty sugar cookies with melted blue sugar specs.
A little gingerbread chocolate chip cookie that came out shaped like a heart!!
With icing AND sprinkles!! (And a pretty cute pup!)

I am sick with a pretty gnarly head cold/flu, so today has been pretty chill. Shipped out about a hundred items today which was awesome. I really need to keep up with the shop. I have a stack of lovelies that need to be photographed and listed but I've been working a lot and still unpacking! We don't have furniture and our living room consists of a TV on a milk crate and a bear skin rug in front of it, and about a billion boxes. Funny, but not photogenic. We're getting our Christmas tree on Saturday, so I better have the room unpacked by then.

We're watching movies tonight and working on some projects. We will be unveiling some interesting developments soon, so keep checking in.



  1. cute i like the little spaces and am jealous of your fish. i want to get one but i don't think there's a safe place for it from the cats. even on the top of the fridge. & i think you should slang your baked goods on etsy!

  2. Dang! Yeah!!
    Our cat has NO interest in the beta, it's funny. Not even a little. He even used to sleep next to it on the kitchen table at our old house.
    You could put a net with a rubber band over the opening of a jar to keep it safe...

  3. I love the antlers over your doorway!!
    and those cookies look YUMMMM.

    - I didn't alter the recipe any... but next time I may play with it some. It was yummy just the way you gave it to me though! I really appreciate it! It was DEFINITELY so much easier to work with than what I usually use.