Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Made a Stocking That Needs Stuffing!

So, on my to-do list for the three days I have off, I wanted to make stockings for my little family. I've certainly never made stockings before, and kind of wanted to wing it. Here's the steps I took.

I started with a stack of material I like. I am planning on making 5 of these, but wanted to start with just one to see how it worked out. I'll use the other material for the other three. I want to use the Matryoushka material I won from This and That From Japan and The Dainty Squid for my stocking. I also made my own pattern on tissue paper and
Next, I cut out the pattern with the material. I doubled the fabric so I ended up with four stocking shapes and four cuffs.
(Yes, that is dog drool on the tissue paper! I was babysitting Milton and he was VERY interested in what I was doing)
So, now I have four stocking patterns and four cuffs. I turned the cuffs inside out and sewed together the top and the sides, leaving the bottom open to turn-right-side out.
Once the sides and top is sewn, sandwich each cuff between two stocking pieces. Sew across the top so you have two neat cuffs. I used the same material for the lining as the outer, so it looks the same on the inside as the out. Sew together the reverse sides.
Leave a little space at the top, heel-side. (I made a mistake and sewed the hook on the wrong side, and had to rip it out and switch it..oops!) Sew together two strips about 2 inches long, reverse sides and pull the fabric through to make a tube.
Sandwich the loop so the extra material is sticking out the reverse side and sew the remaining fabric together. Flip the stocking right-side out and TADA!
I added a few vintage buttons and it's done. (I may stitch a name on here, but I kind of like it plain...we'll see.)I love the vintage style shape of this little guy. Doug said that for our stocking, the boot should be bigger so we can fill it with more candy! I love that guy.

It's another rainy day but I feel like I've done a lot today. Shipped off a few items. Just a few more to do. Finished Doug's birthday present shopping. (So many fun surprises on a budget! His birthday is in a few weeks and once he gets his presents, you can see them too!) Now I need to finish cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, and put clothes away. We still don't have any furniture. (hence me sewing on the living room floor!) but I am on craigslist every day looking for some tables and shelves and chairs.

I'll post photos of the other four stockings I make later.



  1. Super cute. I want to make some now!

  2. you should, I have 4 more to make. They're so easy!