Monday, November 15, 2010

Creepy Junk Shop and New House Photos

Got cut early from work so I walked down to this giant, scary junk shop looking for some new treasures for the shop. Well, i found some but I have to say, it was really creepy. It's a very old building in Hillcrest with two stories and an indoor balcony. I was the only customer in the shop and the owner directed me upstairs, saying there was a lot of junk packed in boxes on the second floor and I could dig around. I wandered up the back stairs, not quite knowing what to expect, and boy was I surprised. The walls were very damaged, there was broken furniture everywhere, and boxes upon boxes full of little old lady dishes and lawn furniture and huge, massive ornate picture frames and piles of junk. I wish I had my camera because it was really odd. There were lots of rooms with closed doors that I didn't dare to venture into. There was also a huge old elevator shaft, closets full of boxes of vinyl (for another day) and a lot of kids toys.

Here are a few things I found for the shop and for us. (I found a vintage globe on a tall wooden stand, but haven't taken photos of it yet)
And, my favorite, this NAPCO 1950s Santa Planter!
So, thats it for shop update Monday. I think there is some rad little odds for the shop.

I also took some photos of our new yard. It is so amazing and I love sitting in the hammock and reading a book, or playing with the dogs, and will soon have the time and energy to start a new garden, in this space. I guess we'll have to find a new home for our bikes!
I still can't believe how green it is here, and how every yard has grass. I am not used to grass at all. It always just died in Arizona. I love it! The dogs love it! Doug loves it. Life is good.
I have some more work to do on the shop and then I think we're going to go on an adventure!



  1. You're probably lucky to be alive. Bring some back up if you go there again!
    Cute stuff :)

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I didn't expect it to be so weird. Hillcrest is such a friendly place, but it was definitely scary. (Doug was a block away at the hardware store waiting on me, so it wasn't too bad!)

  3. you inspire me, woman.

  4. I miss you. Update your blog more so I can pretend I am still near you.