Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It was so foggy last night on our adventure, it felt surreal.
I played DJ. We listened and sang.
Just a few favorites from the playlist of our lives.
We drove to Pacific Beach and walked Charlie to the pier and down to the beach.
It was crisp and chilly, and like a ghost town.
The waves were crashing like thunder and the fog settled just above us.
We drove to Balboa Park, on accident. We meant to go to the cliffs, our favorite spot, but got on the wrong freeway, of course, and in the fog, it felt like a Stephen King novel.
No light, no sound, the music turned low, the windows steamed beyond sight.
It was such a strange feeling, to be surrounded by nothing.
We didn't stop talking, sharing, confirming every thing in my heart and my head.
I'm so in love.
We found our way to the park and started exploring on foot.
Found a giant rooted tree.
It reminded me of Antichrist. The tree at the end of this trailer. If you haven't seen this movie, it's really intense and weird, but I liked it a lot. The tree terrified me.

I think there was monkeys or something in it, because I kept hearing noises, seeing rustling in the leaves, and stuff kept falling from the top.
Or maybe gremlins.
Who knows.
Scary, just the same.
Now I have massive amounts of items to ship out and need to walk to the post office to do it. I am guessing it will take several trips.
And a box full of items to be listed.
I have a feeling today is going to be a productive day.

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