Friday, November 26, 2010

Birthday Shopping!!!

I just finished birthday shopping for a special someone. I'm really excited. I love birthdays. I love Doug's birthday. Last year, I threw him a surprise party - black tie formal, and it was a total success. Chris Hall performed and played Master and Everyone by Bonnie Prince Billie and it was incredible, we made a checkerboard red velvet cake, and I was really proud that I kept the secret and he was totally, absolutely surprised. I also got him the camera he has now that he has used to take some of the most incredible photos I have ever seen.

This year I am on much more of a budget, but it has been fun finding a few awesome things that I know he will love. Even better, I got everything from small, independent businesses!! As a small shop owner, I am stoked to support other small businesses. (I also got my Dad's birthday present from an independent business online too!) Without ruining the surprises, here are some shops I suggest you check out and also support during the holiday season. (Don't worry, my dad doesn't even know what blogs are and Doug rarely reads this.)

We have shopped here before. I got Doug a fruit bat skull necklace here and he hasn't taken it off since. They are super friendly and have a really sweet give-away deal going on right now if you spend over $100.
If you like Boston Terriers, then you will love this shop. They have the cutest Boston related gifts and clothing apparel. I like all the kids clothes. And I might have to get this bag for myself.
So, that's where I've been having some fun. i'll try to feature some more rad shops the more shopping I get done. Also, I got this mustache coffee mug for my Dad's birthday.
Ugh! I have to go to work now!

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  1. Oooooo! I love 'em all! That ring is inciting a whole lot o' coveting.