Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's in your bag?

I used to dump my purse out on a regular basis all over the bed and dig through the treasures and sometimes take Polaroids of the contents all organized and neat. I wish I knew where those photos were (although I'm sure they're in one of these boxes!!) I recently came across a flickr group called "What's in Your Bag" It's so much fun to glimpse the contents of other people bags. (Isn't that what I do for a living anyways...sort through other peoples stuff!) So, I thought I would do one old fashioned bag dump and see what I found in my giant tote that goes everywhere with me.

1. I found this bag at The White Elephant one of my favorite junk stores. I've only been once but it was instantly a favorite. It's about a 40 minute drive from our house, and since Doug is back working for the last few weeks of our stay in Tucson, I doubt we'll go again. I think the bag is made of burlap, and it has "The Loom" printed on both sides in big black letters. The first few weeks after getting this bag, it shed all over me. But now, it's just the perfect bag for me.

2. Doug's keys? These do usually end up in my purse on most occassions, but I was in the kitchen getting a new battery for the camera and Doug came in from work to grab some more coffee, and put his keys down next to all of the stuff I had laid out for this photo!! I didn't even notice until I was adding the numbers! Ha!

3. My cute little notebook/journal/sketchbook that I got a Target a while ago. The sales catalog for the American Science and Surplus. Some markers and pens.

4.Little green leather coin purse with gold fluer de lis print on it full of change. I am obsessed with finding coins everywhere. On the sidewalk, in the couch cushions, and just collecting coins after every purchase. I horde coins! My peacock feather wallet that Doug got for me. Love this wallet. I have had so many strangers offer to buy this from me, usually in line at the store, or at yard sales. I will never sell this. Also, my little vintage rooster pouch. I keep my lipgloss, BC, and makeup in.

5. Miniature lotion. I like keeping miniature things around.

6. CANDY! I always have candy. It's a given.

7. Bear's claw, and some little rocks that Doug's dad gave to me last time we were in SV. I have a pretty massive, amazing rock collection. I am really proud of it. Mark gave me a bag full of rocks he and Maggie found at different places in Arizona. They literally have crates and crates of really awesome rocks.

8. My phone. The best birthday present ever from the best man ever! I love my little pink Chocolate touch.

9. My glasses. Usually I am wearing these, but when I get home at the end of the night, I put them in my purse so I don't lose them.

10. WHY oh why do I have so many spoons in my purse? The orange spoon is from Oraibi. I stopped by their house the other day to drop off some lunch (their mama was super sick) and hang out with the little boogers for a little while. As I was leaving, Oraibi grabbed this bright orange spoon left over from their birthday party and said "This is a flower." and handed it to me. "Thanks Raib!" she just sighed and said "Just keep it in your bag, okay, Beca!" So, I put it in there and I'm sure it will come to use one of these days. The other spoons I picked up at a junk shop last week with hopes that we can make some rings out of them. I just forgot I bought them so they stayed in my bag!

11. A spark plug from the van, a purple rabbits foot Doug got me at a rest stop on the way back from Flaggstaff a few years ago. No matter which bag I have, this rabbits foot goes along with it. It's broken and splitting and old, but I am in love with it. And very superstitious so it always brings me luck.Oh, and a couple of rolls of 35mm film.

12. And my keys with my little Virgin Mary charm that I found in a parking lot a long time ago and it's been on my keys ever since.

And that's what's in my bag.



  1. Yours is good. Mine would be embarrassing.

  2. The spoons crack me up-love it. I also enjoy checking out what other folks have in their bags!


    All this is Grace and Charm

  3. I couldn't stop laughing when I realized those were in my purse. so weird. I should do this more often since the "inventory" of my purse changes so frequently!!