Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So very excited! We got the house in Normal Heights. I in fact did not go back to sleep this morning. I received a phone call from the Realtor and have been in super ultra hyper mood since.

Spent a long time on the phone with my Grammy today too. She is really excited for us to move. She's pretty wonderful, this woman, and I'm happy and lucky to still have all my grandparents. She and my Gpa have been married 65 years and 12 days. Unbelievable. She's given me a lot of encouragement toward this huge change in our lives and it's been super helpful. So, thanks Grammy, for everything.

(My cousin Jen Hunter took this photo)
So, now it's crunch time, we have 2 weeks to pack up everything. Turn off all the utilities, pay the last of our bills, deep clean the house, AND say goodbye to all of our amazing friends. BUT now I will have lots of friends to write letters to and lots of friends to come visit.

SO much to do.


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