Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is how I feel today. Too many words to fit in a word bubble. Obsessively thinking about everything that is happening, worrying, worrying, stressing out, trying to fit too much in a box, not enough in another, sweeping, cleaning, stressing. Ugh! I just keep telling myself FIVE MORE DAYS!!!!

Here are some things that make me feel less stressed out, and very very happy.

This was our portrait in front of our Christmas tree (that you can't see) last Christmas. It was the first tree I have had since I was 8 years old. We NEVER had christmas trees at my Mom's house and my roommates had always gotten trees, but they had never been mine! Doug picked this tree out with me and we decorated it and I was totally in love. I can't wait to celebrate Christmas this year in our new house!! I have more ornaments from estate sales and the like that I have been collecting and am super excited to use!
OWL CUPCAKES! I'm going to make these after I get my kitchen set up in SD. I want to make some cupcakes for Greg and Paula as a huge thank you for everything. These may be the ones.
Bedazzled Taxidermy by Angela Singer She is one of my favorite taxidermy artists. Her work is incredible and if I cold afford it, I would have all of her work in our house.
Oh, and I stopped by the old bakery I used to manage, to pick up a thank you box of treats for the post office I go to every day. A little good-bye gift. I also got a box of Halloween cupcakes for Doug that Jes baked. When I hired Jes, I knew I made the right choice, and now she is running that kitchen. Cupcakes are her specialty.

You should visit her pretty blog and etsy store ilaughyellow
Can you tell how much I adore her? I hope she knows it too...

I CAN'T get motivated today. Doug has been doing stuff all day and I can't get moving. Oh well, I guess now is better than never. I have a to-do list that makes me sick just looking at it.


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