Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Fashion and MOVING!

So, I thought I'd join in at least one day. On a day I actually wear normal clothes instead of moving, junky clothes or the black teeshirt and jeans I usually wear. Anyways, here is it.

What I'm wearing:
Doug's vintage straw hat
Thrifted pretty yellow dress
(The tag was cut off, so who knows where it's from)
Levi's straight leg jeans (my favs!)
Vintage boating shoes GH Bass & Co.
and of course my trusty D&G glasses. Love.

And here is the link to this super cute blog that is hosting this fall fashion week. You should do it too, because it's fun and a little distraction to the chaos of my life right now.

And, as the moving and cleaning and such continues, this is what our house looks like right now. Just so you can share in my total and complete overwhelming frustration. haha.

MOVING! One garbage bag at a time!
Did you notice that there is an animal in almost every corner of our house!
And PS, do you see how empty the swamp room is??? Yeah!! I did that today, at least...
Now, to finish that kitchen, it's awful!



  1. oh i loooove that yellow hat!! you look adorable. :)

  2. That hat is awesome! Love the dress too.

  3. Love it all! Also! It's a shame you're moving out of Tucson. I just found your blog and started scrolling through it and I realized you're friends with Isiah. I got my second (and will get some more for sure!) tattoo at Staring Without Caring. Small world!

  4. He's a good friend, like family. His kids are my little good luck charms and I will miss them like nothing else. I've gotten most of my work done at his shop. I'm glad you did too! We'll have to come back just to get tattooed, I don't have the energy to find another tattooer who is ever a smidgen as good.
    (PS, following your blog now too!)

  5. I love that yellow color! Very pretty!
    ♥/Bevin @All is Bright

  6. You know, It seems like I can only find really great things like suede keds ankle boots, the perfect sweatshirt, and a pretty sundress I love, in yellow. And, honestly, I'm not the biggest fan and usually dye them black or brown, but this dress is just right. <3 Thanks!

  7. you are the most stylish mover i have ever seen!