Saturday, October 30, 2010


I forgot all about doing Fall fashion today, so I look kind of grungy, but we have SO much to do today, that I don't really care.
What I wore:
Black tank top Forever 21
Black skirt Forever 21
Thrifted flannel scarf
Vintage Yellow Suede Keds Boots
(I squeezed Charlie for this photo, and Ollie couldn't stay away, he's my shadow)

We stayed out way too late last night and I woke up with a killer headache this morning (which, for a straight arrow like me, is pretty rare! I blame the horrible music at red room last night and the so very sad hot chocolate that wasn't even hot. I was ultra grumpy by 3am) Anyways. we woke up pretty early to go to the swap meet this morning with Doug's Dad and Step-Mom. I wanted to say goodbye to Sid, and take advantage of the killer oddities we find here.

Best find of the day: Lil Miss No Name. SO RAD! I'll take photos later.

I HAVE to finish packing today. No exceptions. Doug is going to get his shoulders shaded in, and I am going to pack like crazy.

And, this song. Oh..this song.



  1. If by grungy you mean cute.. then YES!

  2. Those keds are awesome! Love 'em.

  3. Love your accessories :) And your tats!

  4. Thank you all SO SWEET! I've loved looking at all your blogs too!!

  5. Will it kill you all to know I got them for 99 cents? Owa!

  6. What cute doggies!! Please tell me that you didn't really get those shoes for 99cents!! That is insane! I need to pay more attention to the shoes at thrift stores. That's what I've learned most this week!